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About Vaibhav Jewellers

  • about vaibhav jewellers
  • Vaibhav Jewellers was established in 1988 by its founder Mr. Sunil Shah and it is stilled owned and operated by him and his son Mr. Vaibhav Shah, based in Mumbai. Vaibhav Jewellers is currently the leading manufacturer and supplier of Jewellery across the India. Our philosophy is to offer the greatest of beauty, value, fancy and quality that Jewellery can have to our customers. We have re-define the meaning of "value" in the history of Indian Jewellery.


  • Vaibhav Jewellery is a reputable jewellery manufacturer over past twenty years and have a well-developed manufacturing plant and skilled resources in Mumbai, India. As such, our products quality, quantity and prices are well managed. Most importantly, we know the market and the needs of our customers!

    The main objectives of buyers, importers and wholesalers are to source liable products at competitive prices. In addition, it would be even better if they can select from wide ranges of products and buy at flexible price.